Soft Slab Construction-The Basics and Beyond
to Feb 25

Soft Slab Construction-The Basics and Beyond

This workshop intends to demystify working with soft slabs and offers the essential components to creating unique slab built pots. Students in this workshop will be introduced to the techniques of working with soft clay slabs and paper patterns. They will begin with simple functional forms and expand to include components such as lids, feet, and spouts.

Throughout the workshop, Liz will share her strategies on personalizing one’s work through discussion and a visual presentation. She will also encourage open discussions on topics such as function, scale, and the importance of intention.

This workshop is designed to accommodate all clay enthusiasts from beginner to advanced.

This workshop emphasizes one-on-one interaction in a supportive, positive environment where experimentation is encouraged and individual development nurtured.

More details and information on registration will be available soon.

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Functional Ceramics Worskhop 2017
to Apr 22

Functional Ceramics Worskhop 2017

Bakersville, North Carolina, artist Liz Zlot Summerfield handbuilds her pots using soft slabs, then enhances the surfaces with slip trailing, terra sigillata and glazes. Her work has been featured on the covers of Ceramics Monthly and Clay Times, and has been showcased in exhibitions across the country. She will discuss and demonstrate her creative process, from concept to making a paper pattern and finishing with a slab-built pot.

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Yunomi  International
to Jul 31

Yunomi International

10th Annual Yunomi Invitational

Definition of Yunomi(U-No-Me): A tea bowl, being taller than wide, with a trimmed or turned foot, without a handle. Unlike the more formal Chawan tea bowl, which is used during the Japanese tea ceremony, the Yunomi is made for daily (or informal) tea drinking.

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to Mar 19

The Clay Studio: 100 Cups

This exhibition will explore the mentor/mentee relationships amongst makers. The display will encourage conversation on the intersecting nature of makers while providing access to the work of artists both new and established. The opportunity to compare form, weight, surface and design of these cups will be an incredible opportunity for all NCECA attendees.

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